Chinese traditional culture brings up the unusual experience of the Hotel New, the Chinese famous designer——OuYang Kunlun let the 126 rooms extraordinary. 5 different styles room are not only make you feel her perfect, but also make you enjoy it. The first choice is the 4th floor where is located in Hotel New, there is a place we call “YUAN”, she is not just a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a bar, but contains all 3 elements, giving a supreme state of spirit to guests. And all things in Hotel New are not so professional, such as food, beverage and drink. She just want to give you the enough room of imagination and taste, and have you have a new understanding of food.
   In Hotel New, we show and create the most easiest atmosphere. Everyone realizes “the truth service and experience extraordinary”.
   The Hotel New is the first high-quality hotel in the southwest which is the limited liability company  found by Xi’an Hotel New. She is located in the core location of Xi’an high-tech zone, and it just take you 5 minutes to enjoy the mature business circle. The facility of business is one by one, and going in touch with the green zoology. The traffic is convenient here and you just spend 5 minutes reaching to airport shuttle bus parking lot, and it costs you 10 minutes to reach to some maIn landscapes, such as Pagoda and Tang Paradise.
   However from the layout, decoration and service in Hotel New, she has a renew explanation of Hotel. The 126 rooms are located from 5 to 11 storey. 5 different styles attract guests .Especially the “YUAN” in 4th floor, it gives guests a fresh vision and she contains all elements of bar, coffee shop and restaurant.
   Hotel New provides a easy place to people, and let them feel warm and convenience, even make them feel at home.
   Hotel New attracts some guests from every zone, at the same time she also lead to a new direction of the development of hotel. And she can realize the dream of everyone!

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